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Kathryn is a dynamic public speaker, essayist, and workshop facilitator. Uniquely positioned by virtue of her lifelong writing practice, her scholarly work on creativity, and her twenty-year dedication to the teaching of fiction at various institutions (the University of Toronto, the University of Guelph, Colorado College, the New York Times Knowledge Network), Kathryn is also a passionate and results-oriented writing coach, mentor, and editor.


Kathryn is a wise, full-hearted guide, providing insights and suggestions that helped me push deeper into the stories to help them realize their potential. 4 of the 7 stories we worked on are now published, 3 of these were finalists in contests. I’m tremendously grateful for the inspiration and confidence I gained in working with Kathryn!
Alison Stevenson, writing/coaching client
Kathryn is a wonderful teacher who reads deeply and finds potential in the short story. She is generous and wise, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is privileged enough to work with her.
Alexandra Shimo, author, former writing client
Kathryn is extremely generous with what she knows: conversations with her teach me so many new ways to think about the world, from the trauma origins of fairy tales to human-animal connections. She’s the person I randomly text about a resource or quote. Kathryn is also a heavyweight of a writer.
Nehal El-Hadi, writer/scholar, former student (quote from The Believer)