Interview with Deborah Eisenberg: Window from Twilight of the Superheroes

Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Interview with Deborah Eisenberg: “Window” from Twilight of the Superheroes


Many years ago, for a course I taught for the (now defunct; no fault of mine!) New York Times Knowledge Network, I interviewed Deborah Eisenberg in her beautiful Chelsea digs. Wallace Shawn brought us sandwiches, as I recall, and we played around with my new computer’s photo booth (see above). We mostly talked about her story “Window,” which I love, and which was on the syllabus of my Writer’s Talk online course. Window is a brilliant inside-oout story, which is to say that most everything that happens in the story happens in the past. The framework is so simple and so still, as to hardly matter. The kinetic movement is all backstory. It shouldn’t work but it’s one of her best stories, in my opinion. My favourite part is when she speaks about punctuation marks.

I asked her ages ago whether I could post this interview and she said yes, and life intervened (mine did, and I forgot to post it). But here it is, finally, in two parts:

Part One

Part Two