Dear A-hole

Posted on Jul 5, 2016

(cross-posting from FB because I want easy access to this at all times. A letter to a stranger)


Dear A-hole,

My tits did not arrive at the corner of Bloor and Huron as an invitation to the over-achieved ego you keep zipped into your massive testes sac. I will not “take it off” for you although the dazzle of the truth of it if I did would likely strike you dumb for the rest of your pitiable life. I am not sure which part of your inane comment and my reaction to it left you in the state of “leer grin” for half a block either but let me hope that the brief encounter you just had with a genuine goddess has somehow inoculated you and that you may actually rise up and reach a troglodyte level of existence, one that might serve you well in your lonely lonely life.

To the rest of you. If you have ever said anything obnoxious to a woman about her body, even if it was just rude, or just a little bit out of line, even if it was five years ago, or twenty-five or fifty-five, take your fucking knuckle headed ego, scratch a little wound in it, and go and fucking apologize. Don’t say, “I apologize.” Pull out all the stops and say, “I am really fucking sorry. I am so totally fucking sorry. There is no excuse for my bad behaviour.”

One more thing. There has been a lot of backlash about the so-called man-hating feminist. This backlash is wrong. Bring her back. I am so sick of pretending not to hate men when men consistently underperform. If these men were cars, they would long have been recalled. Please for the love of St Wilgefortis, stop being such complete and fucking ridiculous assholes.