Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer is the author of the novels All The Broken Things, Perfecting and The Nettle Spinner, as well as  the short story collection Way Up. Kathryn’s short fiction has been published in Granta Magazine, The Walrus and Storyville. She is the recipient of The Sidney Prize.

“The charge laid on the artist, and in particular on the writer, is not to bring back visions but to play the Court photographer. Is this anathema to art? Is this anti-art? I think so. What art presents is much more than the daily life of you and me, and the original role of the artist as visionary is the correct one.” — Jeanette Winterson (Art Objects)

sad-bearsKathryn Kuitenbrouwer grew up on a lolling fifty-acre farm in Ontario, where she had inordinate amounts of freedom and independence. The only danger was getting lost in the backwoods fairyland, falling asleep in the bed made by a clump of cedar trees, or getting caught by the boot in a frogpond. These were dangers she sought out daily. In some way, writing stories is a way back into these singular, unhinged experiences, because even in their strangeness, they felt both free and real. Kathryn now lives in Toronto, where she tramps the parks, the university, the lakeshore and the cafés. The deepest secret to writing, she believes, is to write what she sees, and smells, and hears, which is not always what is really there.

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer is represented by Anne McDermid & Associates, Ltd.. Direct queries to Martha Magor Webb.

“While consonants are those shapes made by the lips, teeth, tongue, palate, or throat, that momentarily obstruct the flow of breath and so give form to our words and phrases, the vowels are those sounds that are made of unimpeded breath itself. The vowels, that is to say, are nothing more than sounded breath. And the breath, for the ancient Semites, was the very mystery of life and awareness…” — David Abram (The Spell of the Sensuous)


Dancing Bear Image by Frank Fiorentino