"Look at the bear licking Bo’s toes up through the metal slats..."

All The Broken Things is "something unique, something breathtaking"


Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer is the author of the novels All The Broken Things, Perfecting and The Nettle Spinner, as well as  the short story collection Way Up. Kathryn’s short fiction has been published in Granta Magazine, The Walrus and Storyville. She is the recipient of The Sidney Prize.

“The charge laid on the artist, and in particular on the writer, is not to bring back visions but to play the Court photographer. Is this anathema to art? Is this anti-art? I think so. What art presents is much more than the daily life of you and me, and the original role of the artist as visionary is the correct one.” — Jeanette Winterson (Art Objects)



This page is a selected archive of my work which you can freely access  online. Stories, essays, interviews, and reviews.


 “The gift gives, demands, and takes time.” — Jacques Derrida (Given Time)

“To whom does the artist address the work?” — Lewis Hyde (The Gift)